3 Questions To Answer When Coming Up With Packaging For Your Goods

To sell goods, you must begin with a quality product, and you must place it in the right package. A lot of manufacturers are great at making quality goods; however, it is the package of the goods that people look at when they are shopping. Because of this, it's important for you to take enough time developing and creating the right package for each of the items your company makes. To do this, you can hire a packaging design firm, and they will help you come up with the best ideas for your goods, which may involve answering these three questions.

Who Is Your Buyer?

One of the most important strategies in packaging design is knowing who your buyer is. The buyer of your goods is your target market, and this could be any group of people, including:

  • Men or women (or both)
  • A certain age group
  • People that do certain activities
  • People with a certain income

If you do not know who your target market is, you will have a hard time advertising to them. The goal of the packages you use is to draw this particular group of people to your products, and to do this, you will need packaging that stands out to them.

This question is important because different markets, or groups of people, look for certain features of products. For example, if your target market is people that work out, your packaging should reflect the importance of health and exercising.

What Are The Legal Requirements?

The next question to discuss with a packaging design firm is what the legal requirements are for your product. This is not a question you will most likely be able to answer, but it is a question the packaging consultant should be able to answer.

For example, if you make food products, each item will have to include a nutritional label. This is a legal requirement for all food items, and it is also a very important part of the packaging. Anyone that is health conscious may read this label to find out what ingredients are found in the item, and this could make or break the deal.

If you manufacture toys, you may need to legally include warning labels on the package. This may include a warning that the toy is not suitable for a certain age group, or it could be a warning that the toy contains small parts that may come loose.

While a packaging design firm can give you advice and suggestions about this, it may also be important to discuss the warning labels with a lawyer. By doing this, you can fully protect your company against potential problems with the products.

What Message Are You Trying To Convey?

Finally, the consultant will want to know exactly what message you are trying to convey through the packaging of the products. There are hundreds of different messages you can offer through your packaging, including:

  • Value – In some cases, the main message a manufacturer is trying to get across is the great value of the product. This often means getting a lot of product for a low price.
  • Health – Offering a product that is healthy is another common message you can incorporate into your goods.
  • Environmentally-safe – If your target market is people that are worried about the environment, your packages should clearly show that the products and packages are environmentally-friendly.
  • Quality or trendy – Another common message to offer with your packaging is that the product is of a high quality, or that it is trendy. This message is often used when the target market is wealthy people.

There are hundreds of ways you can package your goods, but it is always important to spend time finding the right packaging for your needs. Contact a packaging design firm, or go to sites of local packaging firms, to learn more