5 Ways To Alienate IT Support

Computer and other electrical device problems can be all-consuming, horrifying and nail-to-the-chalkboard irritating. Calling IT support is usually the last thing you do and by the time you've waited on hold for 45 minutes, you're probably at the end of your rope. When it comes to technical support, no one is happy, but it's important to keep a level head and a polite tone if you want to resolve your problem. If you start off the conversation with guns blazing and foul words flying, it's entirely possible that you'll hang up having accomplished nothing. Here are the top five ways to alienate your IT support technician.

1. Treat the Technician Like Trash

As frustrating as it can be to wait on hold for long periods of time when all you want to do is get your laptop to turn on, it is important that you remain courteous. Becoming belligerent and using foul language is the fastest way to alienate the technician. In fact, many call centers allow representatives to disconnect calls if a customer refuses to stop using inappropriate and abusive language. Be nice.

2. Call When You're Away From the Device

Dealing with broken electronics may very well drive you to drink, but if you're having problems with your home surround sound system and call from the local bar, your call will end quickly. It's true that technicians can help you over the phone with many issues, but troubleshooting is often a trial by error process. You'll be instructed to call back when you're back at home with the system in front of you.

3. Tell the Technician How to Do Their Job

You may know a thing or two about how your computer or cell phone works, but that doesn't mean that you'll never have a problem you don't know how to fix. If you decide it's time to call IT support, let them do their job. You may think you know the answer, but remember that they are the professional and follow their instructions to get to a faster resolution. There is just no reason to call support and try to tell the technician what needs to be done.

4. Argue with Instructions

It may feel like you're being asked to take silly steps, but fight the urge to argue about skipping steps. Remember that the person you're talking to has been trained to fix your problem and complete the steps in the order they ask you to do them. However, if you've already completed some basic troubleshooting procedures, feel free to tell the technician so they can move on to the next step.

5. Treat the Technician Like Your Local Bartender

IT support technicians understand that people are going to be frustrated when they call for help, but what they don't expect is for you to launch into a diatribe about how long and bad your day has been. They are trained to be empathetic about the trouble you're having with your device, but they haven't been trained by psychologists. Keep your personal problems to yourself and focus on the problem at hand.

In a digital era, everyone needs technical support from time to time. IT support technicians go through many hours of training to learn how to address your technical difficulties, and it's important that you work with them to get things fixed. Technical support is charged with helping customers like you get your devices working and making your experience with them as stress-free as possible. Remember that they are people, too. Keep these mistakes in mind so the next time you call, the entire conversation will be more pleasant – and probably a lot shorter, too.